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Historic Photographs of Brisbane Lodge

The following are some old photos that were unearthed at the lodge. Unfortunately we cannot identify the people in them, so if anyone seeing these can shed any light on the events and people, please send an email. The only definite information is a caption that was written on one photo saying that it was a Coronation Party. So, possibly all these date from 1937.

The Lodge looks better today! In between then and now, it has gone through a lot of changes. Its appearance today, as seen on the main information page, is the result of a major restoration effort to return the property to its original form. It is now protected by a Heritage Order.

The main entrance, very much as it is today, But this is taken from the large side garden which was subdivided and sold to the Liberal Catholic Church and is now the site of the church building.

This is a view of the side garden from the main entrance. This is the area now occupied by the church. The garden wall is along Wickham Terrace. The building beyond has been replaced by the Good Earth Hotel.

The caption on the above read: CORONATION FÊTE BRISBANE LODGE MAY 29th 1937 (cf. 1st page of "Functions & Occasions".)


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