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All interested people are invited to attend the planning
meetings which are held quarterly at 10:00am in the T.S. rooms. on Saturdays. 


Projects supported
by the Brisbane TOS


Guided Meditation book & CD

A book and CD on Guided Meditation by Dr. K Arunachalam is available in the Theosophical Society bookshop.

The author, known as Aru, taught meditation at the Brisbane TS for many years and conducted the mediation weekends at the Springbrook Theosophical Retreat Centre.

The CD provides several guided meditations that focus on relaxation, looking within, contemplation and dwelling in the spiritual silence.

The set of book and CD costs $12. All proceeds go to the TOS for service projects based on theosophical principles.

TOS members work as volunteers in a number of areas, choosing ones of particular interest to them, such as community service, education, healing, animal welfare and environment.
In addition, the group chooses several projects to support each year with donations and voluntary work. For information, contact one of the committee.

See the TOS 'Contact' page in the MAY edition of the Brisbane Theosophical Society's newsletter 'Contact' for more information.


Afternoon Tea in a Bookshop  - 4 JUNE 2017

Annerley Community Bookshop 478 Ipswich Road Annerley
This event in June 2016 was well received and will be held again in 2017 on
4 JUNE 2017 at 2:30 to 5pm. Donation at door of $10.  Proceeds to aid refugees.

 Fund-raising oncerts 2017

These were much enjoyed and raised considerable funds for the causes decided upon. The June 2015 concert proceeds went to the Kenya women's self sufficiency project. The October 2015 concert was a great success both as a musical and social experience and as a fundraiser. As a result we are well on the way to raising the $1,100 needed to support our Literacy Home-school in Pakistan for another year.

     Concerts for 2017 -

*  Sunday 17 September 2017 at 2:30pm to benefit Quandeel home-schools in Pakistan.

*  Sunday  5  November 2017 at 2:30pm to benefit Golden Link College, Philippines. 

                     The performers at the June 2015 concert


AGM Dec 2016 Annual report  by 2016 President, Geoff Harrod.
The new officers for 2017 elected at the 2016 AGM are as shown in the heading of this page.

Chinese music and art concert -  8 Feb

Chinese Concert 8 Feb

This was a Theosophical Society event organised by a TS member recently returned from her homeland.  Donations were invited and the proceeds to go to a TOS cause - the Adyar Womens Welfare Program.

The Mobility Aids Project

We have supported this project for several years. Our donations enable the Assam TOS to purchase hand-operated tricycles and wheel chairs for people who cannot afford them. A modest donation of AU$750, for instance, can purchase three tricycles and three wheel chairs. We have had some wonderful success stories of how this small act of generosity provides many recipients with independence and the opportunity to earn a living.

O Powers of Love!

An invocation by George S. Arundale

O Powers of Love!  We pledge to you our faithfulness,
knowing that only love can redeem the world.

We invoke your blessing on all who strive to serve you.

We invoke your blessing on all who endure suffering, that they may discover their enfoldment in your love even in
the midst of their affliction.

We invoke your blessing on all who inflict suffering that they may be moved to return to you and serve you.

Download the above invocation as Word text