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Printable 3-fold program list
- Sep to Nov 2018
Same as handed out at meetings.
Set printer to Landscape A4, Double-sided, Staple on Short Edge.
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Meditation meetings are held on Wednesdays 6pm to 6:45 just before the public talks, in the updairs room.
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Meetings are open to everyone except if marked members only.   

Wednesdays at 7:30pm unless noted .

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:30am – 2:30pm
Wednesday 3:30pm – 7:30pm (prior to weekly events)

COST for evening meetings -
    Full Members of the Theosophical Society (any Lodge or Group): Free.
    Non-members and library-only members:  $2 donation requested.

Special Events


13-16 September
Springbrook Weekend - Wisdom-The Path Within



Details of regular groups




5 September Discussion Night: “Spiritual Stories & Legends and What They Teach Us”
Many a tale has been told to illustrate spiritual Truths.  We shall hear some of these stories and discuss the implications.
Facilitator: Phillipa Rooke

12 September Talk: “Forgiveness: An Important Key to your Spiritual Transformation”
The impact that non-forgiveness has on one’s body, mind, relationships and spiritual journey will be outlined in this talk. Techniques will be explored that enable the seeker to detach from his resentments and allow the person to move into higher states of consciousness.
Speaker: Tony Petcopoulos

19 September Talk: “The Overview Effect and Its Ramifications for the Survival of Human Civilization”
The speaker will discuss the history of his involvement with the Overview Effect and The Overview Institute of Australia including a deeper explanation and elaboration of the need for a powerful contextual shift.
Speaker:  Richard Whitehurst

26 September Documentary: “The Sage of Arunachala: Sri Ramana Maharshi 1879-1950”
The unique life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi are artistically unfolded in a chronology of photographs, interviews, narration and archival film footage.
Narrated by John Flynn


3 October Discussion Night: Topic to be advised

10 October Talk: “Vital Questions Answered”
A discussion and presentation based on numerous public talks and occult investigations by Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson, where questions were presented to him on subjects such as theosophical doctrines and philosophic and religious ideas.
Speaker: Peter Urban

17 October Talk: “Development of Cosmic Consciousness”
Every sensation is an elemental change in the state of the psyche. The education of the elements in affinity with cosmic consciousness, and the elimination of the elements contrary to cosmic consciousness, quicken our awakening.
Speaker: Adam Mistry

24 October Talk: “The Divine Pymander”
‘The Divine Pymander’ is a spiritual document of great significance and antiquity, much referred to by H.P. Blavatsky. This talk will explore and discuss some of the more important and theosophically-interesting aspects of this fascinating document.
Speaker: James Thompson

31 October Forum: “The Science of Yoga”
This will be a feedback session from attendees at the recent “Science of Yoga” event conducted by Pedro Oliveira at the Springbrook Education and Retreat Centre.
Speaker: David Allen & Bruce Cassidy


7 November Discussion Night: “How Your Positive or Negative Thoughts Enhance or Sabotage Your Spiritual Growth”
This discussion will centre around the impact that your thoughts have on your spiritual journey and on the purification process, how you identify positive and negative thoughts, the mechanism of how negative thoughts block soul contact and the spiritual results on the path of doing this work.
Facilitator: Tony Petcopoulos

14 November Talk: “Elements of Death in the context     of Life’
This presentation will explore the five Tibetan Buddhist Bardos of Dying and Rebirth, and the illusion that engulfs the life of every incarnating personality, through Hindu and Tibetan Wisdom Eyes and the philosophical Heart Beat that exists beyond the world of illusion.
Speakers: Anna and Paul Robb

21 November Talk: “The Self and its ‘Bodies’”
Theosophy suggests that the human being is essentially a Self - unconditioned consciousness - that uses several vehicles (‘bodies’) for its expression on the physical, emotional and mental planes of existence. This presentation will enquire into how the different ‘bodies’ can be so aligned that we may enter into the full knowledge of who we really are.
Speaker: Pedro Oliveira, Education Coordinator of TSA

28 November Poetry Night


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          Excluding Public Holidays

Meets on the first Thursday of the month.
10:30am – 1:30pm

Meets on the first and third Monday of the month.
10:30am – 12:00pm

Meets on the first Monday of the month.
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Meets every Wednesday night (excl. 2 & 9 May)
6:00pm – 6:45pm
Looking at the qualities of life required for meditation, followed by a meditation session.

Meets on the second Saturday of the month.
1:00pm – 3:00pm


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