Buderim Programme June – July 2018




07 JUN

Alchemy, a joyful and informative look at the great work:  Jason Alexander
Alchemy is one of the many names used throughout history to describe a holistic philosophy of the natural world. Understand, to know a thing is just the beginning, through knowledge, meditation, contemplation and practice we come to wisdom.  The 3 great premises of the Theosophical Society are gently enfolded, nurtured and loved by Alchemy. Understanding the nature of humanity, & the truth that only through effort & love for the micro & the macro do we see our own true potential manifest.                                                                                                                                 


14 JUN

Awareness In Plants: Evidence for a Connected Consciousness: Roseanne Debats
Research indicates that there is not only communication between people and animals, but also between people and plants.  From Cleve Backster’s work with thought transference, to co-creation with devas and nature spirits, to plant psychic energy, we will look at science and our human powers to interact with plants. Our journey will support our understanding of an expanded consciousness which connects us, and its implications.                                                                 


21 JUN

Walking With Sophia: Paul Robb
Can modern man look beyond a stylised personality and peer into the depths of his Being; a being at one with universal archetypes? Or does the future of man remain locked into a personality’s frail definition of life. How can we escape into the Universe’s definition of itself and our self, or do we remain at the mercy of a temporarial, mirror based definition called “ME”. What will a” Walk with Sophia” show usLibrary night                                                                          

28 JUN 

Members Only – Study Evening presented by: Joyce Thompson



05 JUL

No Thursday evening meeting this week due to our President’s visit. Instead meeting will be Friday Evening 6th July


06 JUL

Death, the Near-Death Experience and Spiritual Awakening: Linda Oliveira
Our national president Linda Oliveira will join us this week and speak on the great mystery of death.  This presentation will include some teachings from the Perennial Wisdom tradition on what happens after we die which have been of great interest to many people and may assist in demystifying death.  It will also include some fascinating features of the Near-Death Experience (NDE) and how the NDE and working through the many smaller deaths in our lives can help lead to spiritual awakening


12 JUL 

Meditation (Part 2): The Hindrances: Esther Pockrandt
Breath as the Bridge.  In this session we will review and explore the Hindrances that arise in our practice, followed by further guided meditation practice. Being gentle with ourselves yet focused, recognising the distractions as allies for deeper ‘self’ understanding is the practice process. Long term meditators and beginners will all benefit


19 JUL

Religion & Life in the Eastern Mediterranean – Our Own Heritage: Geoff Harrod
This is an illustrated talk based on remains of ancient civilisations and places of religious historical significance in the Mediterranean and Middle East. We will look at Crete and the Minoan civilisation, the Thera (Santorini) mega-eruption that wiped it out. Plus the historical part of Masada and Crusader port of Akka/Acre. Palestine will also be featured   Library night  

26 JUL

Members only – Study Evening presented by:  Esther Pockrandt


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